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- Our Story -

Butler was born from a vision to celebrate passion, creativity and culinary precision.

Butler’s aspiration is to provide their clients with the most high-end luxurious nouvelle cuisine catered to their needs.

Started from catering smaller luxurious events to some more noticeable parties of the year, Butler has accumulated experience like no other caterers. Through all the successful events, increasing demands were desired for our professional and unique experience across Asia. 


Today, Butler continues to thrive in concept design and customized food & beverage services. With the support of our clients, growth of event knowledge and the determination to cater their needs, the team at Butler embarks on achieving higher goals.

- Tailor Made -

We understand that each client has their own style and DNA.

Rather than the traditional way of selection from a standard menu, we believe that a customized menu can reengineer the catering experience. Through the work we do, we take great pride in being able to distil, amplify and emphasise our client’s individual style and identity.

As a specialist of bespoke events, we are proud of our talent in curating events with creativity ranging from 2 to 5000 people across Asia. We lavish the same care and attention to everything we do as each challenge is a step towards new stories and adventures.

No detail is too insignificant. We go as far as redesigning canapé tray presentations to creating signature cocktails. By accustoming to each of our client’s unique identity code & theme, we focus on fine details to deliver an experience with love, care, and attention that will transcend beyond the ordinary.

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